Payment Methods

Sokobazaar features a number of payment methods. All these methods are aimed at making your shopping experience as convenient as possible. The various payment methods include:

Mpesa PayBill

Powered by Safaricom, Mpesa Paybill is one of the most reliable, safe and convenient payment method that our vendors use to collect payments for the orders made via our platform. It is a trusted mode of payment in Kenya and almost every person in Kenya knows about it. Use this payment method to place your order on our website/app and your shopping experience will be seamless.


Powered by Equity Bank Kenya Ltd., EazzyPay is a payment method that uses your Equity bank account to make direct payments for your shopping without the need to visit your bank. It works almost like Mpesa but is specific for Equity bank account holders. Simply choose this as your checkout option if you bank with Equity bank and enjoy convenient shopping on our platform.


One of the most trusted international payment methods, PayPal is a renowned payment option if you value secure shopping and convenience. Use this option to shop with us and experience an international standard of payment. With PayPal, you can pay through your debit or credit card, or via your PayPal account. So, if you have a Visa debit account with any bank in Kenya, simply use it to shop via PayPal on our platform.

Installment Payments

Retailers buying from vendors are allowed a special payment option via installments. In this option, the client and the vendor agree on the deposit amount to be paid during order placement. They also agree on how the balance will be paid, and in what duration of time. With this agreement at hand, we create a payment process that is recurring for the period agreed between the two parties so that at the end of the period, the client will have paid up all the balance.

This option is perfect for vendors who help retailers stock their stores on credit so that they can be in business while paying for the stock acquired on credit in small affordable installments. If you are a vendor and extend this kind of service to your clients, kindly get in touch so that we can help set this uo for you on your vendor store here on Sokobazaar.

Cash on Delivery

Want to shop on our platforms but have cash at hand? Worry not; we have an option for you. Simply shop with us, check out and choose cash on delivery. With this option, you only pay for your goods after you receive them. The delivery guys will collect the cash from you as they deliver your order.

SokoPay Wallet; Pay Free!!!

A proprietary payment option, SokoPay Wallet is a unique payment method only available on SokoBazaar. With this option, you can load your online wallet within SokoBazaar with funds that you will use for your future shopping. You can also get funds transferred to you by another member of Sokobazaar.

The way it works is that you simply go to sokobazaar, or the SokoMob app. Then create your account to get access to the SokoPay Wallet. Once on your SokoPay wallet, you can add funds. These funds remain in your account as a virtual currency until when you are ready to use them. You can add more funds with time and use this wallet as a savings option for use when you are shopping or stocking up your shop.

When you go through the shopping process on our platform, simply choose SokoPay Wallet as your checkout option. With this option, your order total will automatically be deducted from your wallet funds. This is used to pay for your order.

This is one of the most convenient and cheapest options for SokoBazaar users. It allows you to do cashless shopping & transactions. It is highly recommended for everyone who has a SokoBazaar account.

How to Top up

SokoPay Wallet is simple and effective. Here’s how you Top up :-

  • First, you register for an account with us by clicking here. You’ll receive all instructions via text message. (This is the normal way you open sokobazaar purchasing account. If you already have sokobazaar account) Login using your email and password. Move to the register menu and you will see My wallet. Click on my wallet and the page that will open, add the amount of money you may want to add to your Sokopay wallet.

Once you’ve done that , visit any:-

1. Equity bank agency or bank branch(Account Number:0040164459276)

And just deposit the money you had added to your account sokopay wallet..We will then credit that amount to your sokopay wallet account.

Also you can deposite the money you had added to your sokopay wallet account into our Mpesa PayBill number: 701527

  • Send us the details at or call us at 254728021984. We will confirm the deposit and add funds to your sokopay wallet account immediately.
  • Browse sokobazaar for items that you want to purchase. We’ve got thousands to choose….....
  • Add your products to your shopping cart and click “Go to Checkout.”
  • If you already have a Sokobazaar account, log in. If not, sign up for an account.
  • Enter the shipping and billing address.
  • Click “Next” then select the option to pay with SokoPay.
  • Click “Place Order”
  • The total of your order will be deducted from your SokoPay account, and you’ll receive your order within 2 business days!

We make shopping online possible for every Kenyan with Sokobazaar! What are you waiting for?

Bank transfer

Got a bank account? Pay for your purchase with a bank transfer — no credit or debit card needed!

Wouldn’t it be cool if your favourite online stores accept bank transfers as a payment method? Luckily, Sokobazaar does! If you have a bank account, you can pay for your purchase with a simple bank transfer.

All you need is a bank account with access to internet banking and enough money to pay for the items you want on Sokobazaa. We give you the account details that the bank transfer should be sent to and once it’s confirmed, you’ll receive your items.

How does the bank transfer payment method work?

If you want to use a bank transfer, here’s how to do it:

Browse our site for items that you want to purchase. We’ve got thousands of products to choose from including appliances, furniture, groceries, electronics, and television.

Add your desired items to your cart, and click “Go to Checkout.”

If you already have a Sokobazaar account, log in. If not, sign up for an account.

Enter your shipping and billing address

Click “Next” then select the option to pay with a bank transfer.

Click “Place Order”

Afterwards, you’ll receive a confirmation email. In the email, you’ll find our banking information to complete the transfer.

Complete the payment via bank transfer from your bank account to ours. Here’s our transfer/deposit information:

Account Name: Sokobazaar Company

Bank Name:Equity bank limited
Account Number: 601663
Branch: Karatina

Once you’ve done the transfer, send the details to us at or call us at 254728021984. We’ll get back to you within 2 business hours.

Now that you know how easy it is to shop online with a bank transfer, what are you waiting for? Log on to Sokobazaar right now!