Payment Installment

A special payments arrangement for users of the SokoBazaar platform, the payment installment method is for use to pay in small installments for the shopper who cannot afford to make the entire payment for their order at a go.

This option applies the recurring payments system in our shopping system, allowing vendors to advance stock to retailers and receive payments in small affordable installments. The client pays a small principal amount or deposit, and pays the rest of the balance over a specified period of time.

So, basically, you order your products, pay part of the total payment as agreed in your contract with your vendors, and then get your order delivered. Then after a specified period of time, you get billed for your first installment. This can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You then keep up with those installments over the agreed period until you are able to clear the owed balance. This way, you can now go back to the vendors and get more stock.