Learn to Sell2

Learn to sell

There are three simple steps to start selling your products on SokoBazaar as a vendor:List and Sell | Ship/Deliver | Get Paid Listing and selling:

List your item:You should carefully describe your item(s) and add photos Start with a good description of the item you're selling. Then add up to 3-7 free photos from your computer or mobile device. Use a neutral background, and take photos from all angles. Once done, choose your listing format Choose the fixed price listing format when you know the market value for your item. Use the auction-style listing format for special or unique items, or when you don’t know the value of the item. The quick listing tool suggests pricing and shipping options that attracts the most buyers based on similar successful sales. Choose how you want to deliver the items to the customer Successful shipping starts with careful planning. At SokoBazaar, you can choose to have customers pick up your sold items from your shop, or you can deliver the products to them via our delivery services. Our fees for these services are very affordable for all our registered vendors. [ Create a vendor account to List an item now] – link to vendor account creation page As soon as you click "List it," your item can be seen by millions of buyers. It's that simple. Remember, when listing your item: Choose the best format Determine when auction-style or fixed price might be the more ideal listing format for your item. Describe it in detail Writing an accurate and appealing description is easy. You can hire our product description writers to help you come up with highly optimized product descriptions. Price it right How you price your item will impact its visibility in search, its likelihood of selling, and how much it sells for.

Shipping and Delivering: Ship it to your buyer Confirm that you've received payment Once your item has sold, and you have been notified that the buyer has paid, pack your item and get it ready for pick up/delivery. Create and print shipping labels Conveniently pay for delivery and print shipping labels that are auto-filled with your buyer's information from My SokoBazaar. You can save money & time with SokoBazaar labels. Talk to us to learn more. Leave feedback for your buyer Be sure to leave positive feedback for your buyer as soon as payment is confirmed. This will help you gain repeat buyers and a reputation that will build trust in potential customers in the future. Send the item to your buyer Whether you choose to have the item picked at your shop by the buyer, or you choose to hire our delivery services, ensure that the item reaches your customer on time, and in good condition. Get shipping supplies ahead of time on My SokoBazaar, like padded envelopes, packing materials, tape, and boxes. This way, you can package and ship your item as soon as it sells. Order shipping supplies from SokoBazaar [ Create a vendor account to List an item now] – link to vendor account creation page

Getting paid fast: The fastest way to get paid To ensure quick payment, use SokoBazaar system to sell and collect payments with Mpesa. You can either use Mpesa PayBill, or Till Number, as well as cash payments, ezzypay, or bank deposits. As a vendor, you choose the best, most convenient way of getting paid.