Company Profile

What is our a Core business:

Our core Business is to actualize and facilitate a one stop market place online platform, that operate locally and globally by way of connecting the already existing gap between the product producer and product consumer using local consumer groups networks, modern marketing engines and enterprenuer technologies.


To change the life of our partners through innovative entrepreneurship and building dynamic marketing networks that are demand driven and reflects touchable developments solution to the global market.


Improves the live of our people by provision of affordable products,Identify the untapped potential entrepreneurship among our people,build it, offer skills and mentor-ship programs, and then create business opportunities through modern technological networks and marketing systems that inter-connect our people with the world changing market trends.


1.Outsource demand and supply. Formulate strategies and logistic that quench market thirst.
2.Creat innovative systems and structures that are simple, realistic and bridge the gab between supply and demand of market.
3.Build demand driven market networks which are real(trustworthy),simple(people driven), and motivate entrepreneurship.
4.Widen the net of entrepreneurship through braking down supply chain which are in many are of business are controlled exploitative cartels and business tycoon.
5 Getting people connected to their dreams shopping products and future destiny through impacting skill, mentor-ship, training programs and sharing experience to the hopeful potential entrepreneurs.

Slogan:Getting you Wired to ......

Our Products:

1.Online Shopping Experience:
3.Online Selling Experience;
4.Product and services out sourcing,
5.Marketing and Entrepreneur platform
6.Investment platform.


1.Wonderful shopping experience for all level of shopper (be it a consumer, a trader or even a manufacture who needs law materials for value addition) with great variety of choices, best discounts, instant shipping and secure mode of payments.
2.The only platform in Kenya with a multi- vendor kind of selling mobile app that is easy to operate and conceal prices for different levels of supplying chain.
3.Best opportunity to all kinds of investors, the starters, speculators and even experienced risk taker.
4.Job opportunity is an ever ending vacuum in the sokobazaar community.We can hire you or empower you to become a self employed person.



1.Register and Sign In-To enjoy our Shopping experience through our End user open store mobile phone app or web platform.
2. Apply for a vendor plans that are set for our registered members and licenced traders only
Vendor plan:

3.Apply for a job opportunity by Drop your application forms in our office or joining our self employment and entrepreneurship members programs.

4.Join in our Vestment club: Become a real investors by Own part of the Company through joining the investment club.Our Investment-policy are under development level.